About Us

Our Mission.

Marstone was created to empower everyone to take control of their financial lives with knowledge and confidence. We’re an experienced team of designers, technologists, and wealth-management professionals who have developed a new breed of financial tools and investment solutions that are intuitive, useful, and relevant for everyone.

The new era of investing is here

Our mission is to create more than just a great website for investing. We aim to help our customers connect all the dots in their financial world, and assist them in managing their money—for today and for the future. Our personalization tools offer customers an unprecedented level of control over their online experience, helping them learn and grow their financial understanding.

As a SEC-registered investment advisor, we assist clients in creating personalized investment portfolios that suit their needs, goals, and aspirations. We then continually monitor and maintain each portfolio to assure those investments stay aligned with their original financial targets.

We know investments are typically just one piece of the overall financial picture, with many people keeping accounts at a variety of banks and institutions. That’s why we feature aggregation tools to link accounts—and personalized dashboards to display those accounts—held outside of Marstone. Maintaining all these accounts in one place at one time is essential for seeing a financial picture holistically.

Marstone also means business.

We know many of the challenges individual investors face are also shared by the overall financial services industry. Our “Powered by Marstone” institutional platform provides customizable tools and investing solutions to finance professionals, helping them connect with their own clients as well.

We offer businesses a full range of solutions for their team’s daily work processes, including an integrated client portal with digital advice capabilities and a unified advisor’s dashboard that aggregates all of their existing vendors, resources, tools, and services.