Meet Greg Martin


Meet one of our Software Developers: Greg Martin. Originally from Washington state, this new Rhode Islander took an unexpected journey to join us in the tech world on the East Coast. Some may call it blind luck, but the path that led Greg to Marstone leaves him with no regrets: Greg is one of the few programmers you'll find with a geology and paleontology background in his back pocket. He admits that a younger version of himself heard that there were no requirements to entry, so he went with geological and earth sciences as his major in undergrad. As fate would have it, his experience with GIS in the world of geology sparked an interest in programming that eventually brought him to our team. More important, his go-with-the-flow mentality led him to a paleontology class where he would meet his future fiancée! Truly, it was more than luck. At the end of the day, Greg’s positive attitude is key to it all seeming to simply work out. He takes advantage of having freedom to do what he enjoys, whether that be cooking a perfect steak, playing the trumpet, or simply having a good time. With Greg's infectious outlook on life, there is no denying that Marstone had a stroke of luck in adding him to our team!