Meet Zalyndria Crosby

Zalyndria Crosby

Meet Zalyndria Crosby, one of our software developers. Zalyndria is originally from Albuquerque, N.M. She decided to leave New Mexico in search of adventure and personal growth. After traveling through South America and living in Brazil for a year, she made her way back stateside and ended up here in Lil Rhody. Although she misses the red and green chili smothered breakfast burritos from the Southwest, Zalyndria is happy to have added lobster rolls and clam strips to her diet.

A graduate of New England Tech, Zalyndria began her career five years ago as an intern working on data visualization projects mapping census data for the City of Providence. In the years since, she has worked on projects ranging from software for cable TV users, to promotional signing software that convenience stores across the U.S. run. And now Zalyndria has found her new home with us!

Zalyndria also brings leadership experience to the team. She is a co-founder and Providence chapter leader of Girl Develop It (GDI), a national nonprofit that aims to empower women and non-binary individuals through educational training in software development. GDI Providence facilitates classes and community events to provide support to people who would otherwise feel alone and isolated in the gender imbalanced world of tech.

In her free time, Zalyndria is completing her birth doula certification. She believes every woman should have access to the information needed to make the best decisions for delivery and feel supported during the labor and birthing process.

Armed with her positive attitude and grit, Zalyndria enjoys coming into an office full of sunlight and friendly faces, ready to take on anything that comes her way. As exciting future projects grow, the big picture is brighter than ever with Zalyndria at Marstone.