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Deepen bonds, broaden reach with your customers

Powered by Marstone helps banks and investment advisors alike retain and expand customer relationships. Our core-agnostic, enterprise-ready technology can sit on top of your firm’s existing infrastructure, allowing for faster integration and a seamless user experience.

Our comprehensive integrations provide a range of online wealth management solutions at your fingertips. You can use your own financial models, or leverage ones from our partners such as BlackRock. And our code has been verified by CA Technologies Veracode, so security is baked in.

Powered by Marstone’s interactive reporting tools can also be customized with different metrics and benchmarks, allowing you to generate summaries of accounts and advisors' books. Fully digital, our automated workflow processes, and integrated systems are designed to enable greater operational efficiency for your team.

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A trusted, flexible solution for financial institutions of all sizes

Smart investing isn’t one size fits all, so we allow end investors to build a personalized portfolio based on their own goals, beliefs, and interests. After investors are guided through a few simple questions, our algorithms gauge their timing and risk tolerance to create an appropriate portfolio. Individual portfolios are then built and presented using our curated selection of exchange-traded funds, your own institution’s models, or models offered by our partners including BlackRock.

Investments are typically just one piece of an end investor‘s overall financial picture. We offer aggregation tools to link accounts held outside of Marstone, displaying everything in a unified and customizable dashboard. Our personalization tools offer customers an unprecedented level of control over their online experience, helping them learn and grow their financial understanding.

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