How can we
partner with you?

From local credit unions, to multinational banks and investment houses, every institution is unique. Our platform supports three engagement models to meet your varied and complex needs.

Option 1:

Marstone as your sub-advisor

Leave it to us. We offer a turn-key solution in which our SEC Registered Investment Advisor(RIA) is engaged in a sub-advisory capacity for the day-to-day management of your accounts, including trading and rebalancing. You can leverage Marstone’s model-tested portfolios or use models from our third-party partners, including BlackRock.

Clients access your investing platform through your company’s own branded website, with the Powered by Marstone logo shown as a co-branded partner.

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Integrated, compliant, secure.

Option 2:

Marstone as your technology partner

If your institution’s wealth management arm prefers to manage client accounts directly, we can act as a technology-only partner. We incorporate your proprietary risk-tolerance questionnaire and model portfolios, including asset classes and securities. Day-to-day account management is managed by you, leveraging the existing custodial and technology framework that your business runs on today.

Clients access your investing platform as part of your company’s own branded website, with the Powered by Marstone logo shown as the integrated technology solution for investing.

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Your partner for the new era of digital wealth.

Option 3:

Marstone as Registered Investment Advisor

No wealth offering? No problem. Our RIA platform allows qualified banks and credit unions to assist clients in finding investment advisory solutions through Marstone’s digital offerings. Our SEC registered RIA provides advisory services for your client through our soft-branded platform.

Your clients are automatically linked to a separate Marstone-hosted website for their investing experience, and your company’s logo is displayed as the referring institution.

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